I Was 2 Feet Tall And Then I Wasn’t Anything

A brief guide on how not to talk to people from a different country My Aloe Vera plant doesn't have a name and it doesn't matter because she is dying I had three unsolicited interactions last Friday. I like to sit away from people on the bus. I like to either listen to music and… Continue reading I Was 2 Feet Tall And Then I Wasn’t Anything

I Am A Storybook Character

My co-star has said twice that no-one cares how many books I've read... I disagree. The trouble with giving yourself a pep talk is that deep down, you know it's all bullshit.Sophie Kinsella, Remember Me? I'm about to spout some nonsense right here but hey, I need this. This blog thing, it's for my mental… Continue reading I Am A Storybook Character