My Design Portfolio Part II

Ya'll remember... we were talking about this like... forever ago? Hi! Welcome back to episode 2 of What Could Have Been featuring me, obviously. We never got done talking about the portfolio that got me into Design School. Before we get into that, looking back, I'm still surprised that I got into the program (if… Continue reading My Design Portfolio Part II

I Got Into Design School

...but don't get too excited, I'm not a design student. Anymore. Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.Sophia Loren Over the weekend, I realised I would probably be graduating in 2024 (making my time in University last a total of 6 years) and I am… Continue reading I Got Into Design School

And What Do We Know Of What Isn’t There?

Warning: it's about to get a little academic in here, don't fall asleep. History and memory share events; that is, they share time and space. Every moment is two moments.Anne Michaels It's nice to have a museum on campus; it's a quiet place, it houses art, symbolism and a certain eloquence that doesn't quite pull… Continue reading And What Do We Know Of What Isn’t There?