About… Me?!

This is a blog about everything. Not everything. My definition of this word is everything that fits into my construct of an ideal world. This isn’t my world though, I live in a bubble that extends far beyond the digital confines of this blog.

This is a blog about fashion. About the signals in my brain that flare up when I think of the words fashion show, photo shoot, magazine cover, colour scheme… you get the gist. I’m not any kind of distinguished fashion expert but I don’t wear sweatpants in public unless it’s an off-day so I guess maybe Anna Wintour would talk to me?

This is a blog about beauty but not just makeup. We can talk about Fenty our whole lives and we would never stop talking (precisely because I would spend half of that time asking for the album [and yes, I would obviously have to change this sentence if and only if Rihanna finally finds her studio mic]).

This is a blog about experiences and the fullness of life. This is getting too long now, but you get the point.