My Design Portfolio Part II

Ya’ll remember… we were talking about this like… forever ago?

Hi! Welcome back to episode 2 of What Could Have Been featuring me, obviously. We never got done talking about the portfolio that got me into Design School. Before we get into that, looking back, I’m still surprised that I got into the program (if you’re just joining us, I’m not actually a Design major, but I would have been) and when I go back to look at the work, I see more in the way I felt about them at the time (materialised in my descriptions) than in the work.

Which is bad.

And I’ve always felt like I should get back into art but here’s the big issue with wanting to do a bunch of things… you almost never get anything done. Even this, do you know how hard it is for me to sit down and write?

But I’m here, so let’s keep it moving.

5. Gone, Gone, Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone

You are going to LAUGH when I tell you how this picture came together.

This picture was probably taken on the 30th of September 2017. This is Millennium Park in Abuja, Nigeria and it was one of those odd days when mum or dad would suddenly decide we need to be more active and drag us out for a walk or a run; which of course isn’t cute in that Abuja heat. The description I tacked onto this photo was “this piece is an homage to childhood and the nostalgia that comes with adulthood. It is a reminder that the past will always be the past.”

Which sounds beautiful right? Well… this picture was taken through the Snapchat app. I got into an accredited design school through a snapchat memory.

Won’t He do it?

I called it Gone, Gone, Gone because I felt like Tyler’s song really embodied this piece. Except I can’t even make it sound deep now that I’ve told you how I took this.

6. The Road To A Happy Life

The Road To A Happy Life

Maybe if I growl loud enough I’ll end up back in Germany? I’ve tried it a couple of times I think I’m closing to figuring out the right cadence…

This piece is another one from Germany (because honestly, if I didn’t study abroad would I have even had a portfolio?). It also wasn’t just a regular day, this was giving me Grimm Brothers.

So there’s this tree called Bräutigamseiche (if you’re not German you probably just read that wrong). People “looking for love” write letters and leave them there and you can go to the tree, read any letter you want and respond to them too. People leave their emails or phone numbers in there as well. A couple has actually been married for years just from their interactions through this tree, cute right? Bräutigamseiche means Bridegroom’s oak, so it’s basically a fairytale story.

In my application I said “this piece is inspired by the fantasy of the search for love”. And I actually had left a note in there; to which someone actually responded to via email. I thought if anything, I’d at least get a pen pal but here I am single and without a healthy repertoire of European friends.

7. Wanderer Im Wald

Wanderer Im Wald

I’m still working on that growl y’all 😦

Wanderer Im Wald is German for Hiker In The Forest and I am by no means a hiker (I like the idea of it more than the act) but I do like nature and the times that we just got to walk around and be surrounded by trees and flowers and a beautiful blue sky were honestly some of the best. And I feel so grateful to be able to look back on this picture and remember that.

In my portfolio I said “This piece is inspired by the painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich. I love hiking and have always wanted to look up and see nothing but the emergents of a forest and a little bit of sky.”

8. So Everyone Can See

So Everyone Can See

The titles are getting more and more scintillating aren’t they?

If not for the BEEYOOTIFUL sunset, this would have been another touristy picture ruined by clusters of tiny tourists doing the same thing I was doing. But I got lucky. I don’t remember if I edited this too much before submitting but I feel like if anything cemented my admission in the minds of the design school admissions folk, it might have been this.

This picture was taken in Berlin, amidst a gruelling heat wave (I mean, I’m African so it wasn’t much to me haha, I’m lying) on the top of the Reichstagsgebäude or Parliament Building in English; which has more history than you would think for a half-old, half-new castle for important people to waffle about and spit at each other. And as if it couldn’t have gotten better, the views from the top? Transcendental.

In my portfolio I described this photo as “a structure made entirely of glass; while not pictured here, it serves as a symbol of transparency where policy is concerned. This however is the sunset that sat above it all.”

This photo also heavily inspired my essay For The People about the union of humanity and public policy (and the lack thereof) in both Nigeria and the United States.

Anyway, as you can see I’m really into photography and I wish I got more opportunities to explore that. More than anything, and one of the main reasons I think I was accepted into the Visual Communications program at my school is that I am really good at communicating the themes/emotions in a work of art (visual or otherwise) and interpreting its significance in, I think, noteworthy ways.

I encourage you all to free yourselves, and discover that creative thing that helps you do just that.

Stick around, I’ve still got a couple more pieces to show you 🙂



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