To All The Health Workers & Essential Workers…

and if you know one, pass this along 🙂

My Econ textbook says a life is worth $10 million dollars. So, if that’s true, how much do we you when this is all over? Is it more than the bailouts the aviation industry is getting? Are there enough trees to print out $10 million for each of you? And if there are, how much are we really paying you then? Are we paying for your lives or for the lives you’ve saved and helped? Are we paying per hour? Per day? Is there a minimum wage for people doing what you’re doing right now?

If a life was worth $10 million I don’t think we’d be able to pay you. Maybe after the pandemic, but even if we could I know you know that we won’t. The world we live in cannot see you the way I do and even if a life is worth $10 million, you’ll see that some debts can never be paid. There are enough trees to bail out the aviation industry but not you, there’s enough thank yous though; you’ve probably seen some of them.

I don’t think a life is worth $10 million dollars because if it was then we could make another for $10 million. If it was, then we would all owe you more money than we can even count. And I’m sorry but for now, you’ll have to accept our thanks. It’s too bad that you’re receiving it under these circumstances. You should know that if you weren’t here, people like me couldn’t comfortably sit on your couches and tap away at our keyboards, carrying on. That’s it, carrying on. We couldn’t carry on without you. And it’s very easy for people to understand why health workers deserve so much of the praise, but how much praise do we give to the factory workers putting together our little bottles of hand sanitiser, the store attendees restocking the toilet paper shelves, the delivery truck drivers, the janitors? If a life was worth $10 million we should be paying you for all the lives you have supported because if no-one tells you, you should know that we have all this because you do all that.

Never forget.

Many of you cannot be with your family, or with anyone and it simply doesn’t end for you. Many of us will never understand but this is an unarguable fact, we owe you more than our lives, we owe you more than $10 million and what we owe we can never pay. But we can keep you in our hearts, for all its worth, know that we can never fill your footprints.



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