What I Ate In A Week

Remember when I said I was 5-star Michelin chef?

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Okay so I don’t make up my own recipes, I’m a pescatarian and also don’t eat dairy. I spent a week making some vegan and pescatarian dishes since being on lockdown now gives me time to cook every day. So what I did was make a dinner, maybe have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day and cook whatever meal wasn’t already made.

Stir Fry Shrimp Couscous

Grains are a big part of our diet but people tend to forget that Rice isn’t the only option out there. Nigerians eat A LOT of rice and even I go back to it every now and then but we had a small batch of couscous left over and we had finally picked up some shrimp (I haven’t had it in so long).

I think this was a recipe I actually put together myself, I mean how hard is stir fry? The shrimp tasted amazing and so did the couscous. I used soy sauce obviously and I would have gone with sesame oil but I just didn’t have any. Either way, it was a great dish.

Nigerian Pepper Soup with potatoes & stockfish

Girl, I couldn’t really tell you what stockfish is if you didn’t already know. If you’re vegan this ingredient is obviously optional though any Nigerian would question the absence of meat.

That’s what my dad did when I told him I made some pepper soup.

Anyway, this soup is very spicy. Like seriously. If your main is black pepper, don’t even go near this dish.

It’s not always made with potatoes but I had some left over from the week before. Also there’s a special kind of spice, it’s called pepper soup spice and that is what most would attribute to the taste of the soup. Spinach is an essential ingredient here too and I threw in some mushrooms as well because why not?

Stir fry Indomie Noodles

Don’t judge me.

Do you know how hard it is to work, have classes (not really tbh) and make dinner all day while simultaneously trying to have a social life, clean up after yourself and take care of noticeably deranged cat that isn’t yours?

I cracked. I had to do a quick fix you know?

But then again my Indomie is probably better than yours. I didn’t just make any ordinary Indomie, I made stir fry Indomie. And it tasted delicious as does everything I make.

I ended up having noodles twice last week because it’s not “every day Michelin chef” you know?

Jollof Rice ft. a slightly deranged and obsessively ravenous cat

So I didn’t cook this, my sister did but I take partial credit for not only being present in the kitchen at the time but for also providing moral support.

You’re welcome sis.

Jollof Rice is the best thing that has ever existed. And Nigerian Jollof is even better. The first thing that makes Jollof genuine is the colour. If the Jollof isn’t Jollof-ing then you’ll know by how orange it looks.

Second of all, it 100% tastes as good as it looks. Or maybe even better? We should do a poll.

I don’t drop recipes but I’ll give you this because y’all need some in your life.

Disclaimer: there is a way to make a vegan Jollof rice and still have it taste good. You can substitute chicken stock for vegetable stock, etc. I also don’t use vegetable or canola oil and Olive oil works best for me.

Oven-baked sweet potato fries with chickpea curry and pacific cod

I love curry. I love Indian food. I love sweet potatoes. I LOVE Chickpeas.

This meal gave me so much joy that I had to take pictures of the process as well

This is one of the many recipes I picked up from vegan instagram accounts and then remix to my own tastes. For instance, I was just following the instructions for the chickpea curry but decided to throw in some sweet potatoes anyway.

There’s nothing particularly special about this recipe in terms of how to make it that I need to go over but I will say that making curry is an art. I had to redeem myself after the last curry I made that tasted like everything but curry.

I also enjoy any recipe that involves using the oven. Growing up, we never really baked anything and the rare moments when we did I would be so anxious to see the process that I would squat down and try my hardest to see the pastries rise and form.

I should say, for the sweet potatoes, I made a little marinade of like Olive oil, paprika (I don’t like the way my paprika tastes so I don’t use much of it), garlic powder, crushed red peppers and some parsley flakes sprinkled on top.

Or was it thyme?

Marinate your potatoes, they come out so good.

Creamy Pasta with dried tomatoes

Another recipe I pulled off of Instagram.

My un-aesthetic sauce pan aside, this recipe was really fun to make. It was probably the first time I ever attempted to follow the measurements provided in a recipe. It was also the first time I got to buy and use vegan butter.

We bought the ingredients that morning because we didn’t have anything we wanted to eat at home and that was La Casa de Papel day so I wasn’t about to waste time running around town especially in the midst of a pandemic. Also, we needed to get some snacks because we weren’t leaving the couch that day.

Also got to top up on my vegan ice cream, that was fun.

This recipe was so delicious. It had a light creamy texture, the tomato sauce added to the richness and the dried up tomatoes were a nice touch overall.

Garlic rice and salmon

Did I not tell Nigerians are always eating rice?

Another dish my sister made. Before you come for me, the title of the post is what I ATE in a week not what I made. Entiendes?

The rice was sooooo good y’all. We had some leftovers and you know I wolfed it down. It was so tasty, so garlicky… and the salmon she made in vegan butter was also appropriately spiced, from what I gather.

I would know more about this recipe but I was working while she was cooking; which is why I will not be taking any credit today ma’am.

So that’s what I had to eat for either dinner or lunch or both this week. I didn’t include breakfast because my breakfasts are so mundane, I’m usually eating breakfast when it should be brunch and I just don’t care about breakfast. Might do a breakfast challenge though.



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