The Quarantine Routine

Do you lot even have one?

“It couldn’t last. Everyone was just killing time. But if all they did was kill time, time would end up killing them.” 

Michael Grant, Gone

So I’ve seen a lot of articles about how to stay productive and how to be entertained and busy while in self-isolation but I haven’t read very much of them. You probably haven’t either and there’s a reason for that.

I’ve spent a lot of time on my phone, especially Twitter, while being at home and I see what you all are getting up to. It’s so funny to me how bored everyone is. I love it.

But you all knew you what you were getting into once they cancelled classes. I’m sure you’ve been about as productive as cheese. Whatever that means.

I saw this one tweet; which I thought was so inspirational, I took screenshots and made plans to implement it.

But I had no intention of waking up at 7 a.m. That’s gross.

Nonetheless, seeing as when I attempted to add some structure to my day I ended up writing a blog post for two hours amid multiple distractions, I eventually abandoned the commitment.

So let me tell you what the quarantine routine for a college student is like.

The biggest thing obviously is sleep. Now I had a pretty good reason to sleep early because I had a 9 a.m class twice a week (it used to be three but I’m the queen of dropping classes) and now I’ve noticed that it really didn’t take much to get me back to having dinner at ungodly hours.

But I hate waking up at 12 p.m and basically forfeiting my breakfast and dooming myself to have another late dinner. So I have to wake up early regardless of how late I sleep but last night I couldn’t even sleep and it was 2 a.m.

Also I know the amount of time I’m spending on my phone is unhealthy; which frustrates me even more, but it’s so hard to put the phone down when the alternative activities are so few.

However, this isn’t a post about how we can overcome this; let’s just complain together about what mindless, predictable people we are.

The list of things I’ve done since campus was officially put on lock down is pretty short: I’ve slept (a lot), I’ve eaten (a lot, or at least a decent amount), I’ve played Super Smash Bros. way too much (still not bored though), I’ve written some blog posts, I’ve even sent out some emails for work and school stuff, but nothing remarkable.

The other day, I had to force myself to open my Econ textbook. As much as doing work online while at home is deeply distressing to me, I am so grateful that I never actually have to see my Econ teacher ever again.

I made a breakthrough though…

I took a walk. It was refreshing.

It was then same day I discovered the tweet and I thought I might as well put some of the stuff into practice

It was a very brief walk, there wasn’t much to see but the weather was nice and I knew I badly needed to step outside because when I did it took me longer than usual to open my eyes.

I’ve talked to a bunch of different people about how their time inside is going and it’s basically the same. Some of you are sleeping, some of you are playing starred valley and some of you used to go clubbing until “that twat Boris closed all the clubs” and now you’re stuck with us, searching for something else to do.

I think he’s a twat too by the way.

Honestly, it’s fine if you’re bored, it’s fine if your daily life has suddenly become mundane and you shouldn’t feel bad by all the articles and influencers trying to tell you what to do with your time. It’s hard to shake off bad habits. It’s hard to build good ones and maybe this is the tine for all of us to dig deeper and find the things we possess inside of us. Maybe we can find our hobbies, our paths; but it won’t happen in the same way as the person next to you.

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t need too many vacation days and I don’t mean trips to exotic landscapes with adventure-filled days and hikes up tall mountains in the heat of summer. I’m talking about those first few days of the break, the ones where you sit down not really doing anything but not questioning it because you know you need sleep and food and more sleep.

I don’t like to twiddle my fingers for too long so I like to use opportunities like this to do the stereotypical thing and work on hobbies that I never have time for and learn new skills, languages etc. However, I’m also kind of lazy. It takes a lot to get me to actually do all this stuff but I like the idea of it.

Honestly, take it one day at a time, even if you’ve only added one other thing to your short list of mundane activities (learning Tiki’s Tok dances doesn’t count, love) it means something okay? It doesn’t matter if at the end of the quarantine some people come out fluent in Cantonese and all you did was sleep and masturbate.

Like I said, I know what y’all have been getting into.

Granted, maybe don’t spend the whole time sleeping and masturbating. So please, open a book, maybe an ebook, get some painting supplies and Picasso your way through it or workout or something. Just do it your way.



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