These Lips Were Made To Shine

And no-one’s day is ever complete without an unholy amount of lipgloss.

“A little lip gloss goes a long way.” 

Erin Dionne, Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies

I have big lips. It took me a while to get over the institutional racism and colourism that comes with being a dark-skinned black woman, but as you can see there’s no word for an unwarranted stigma about lips specifically so in that sense we can say there’s no discussion about it or there’s no cure.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that out of all my biggest insecurities, my lips stayed at the top of the list (my nose ranked way higher) but as it took me while to get into make up it took me a while to get into lip products. I just wasn’t sure how to make these lips look beautiful. Lipsticks looked awkward on me (unless they were dark purple) and lipglosses were cute but they were basically glorified chaptiscks.

With glitter.

And then of course there was the white line.

Listen, I’m a communications major for a bunch of reasons. I’m really good at tailoring messages to fit the desired audience, I’m really good at reading non-verbal signals but mostly because I can talk for days.

It may seem stupid but I believe that my communications degree will literally turn me into Olivia Pope, so I’m already practicing delivering lengthy monologues about power and bloodshed without taking a breath.

And because I can talk forever (seriously), I am at high risk of being embarrased by the terrible white line. If you don’t know what this by the way, you really need to stick around till the end of this post.

My solution to avoiding the white line was simply to not wear lip gloss at all. I also hated the fact that it was sticky, it would either disappear, turn messy or clump up when I ate and it just required a certain amount of maintenance that I, a pre-adolescent tomboy at the time, was not going to commit to.

Also we need to talk about the girls that aren’t tomboys or “girlie” girls either, because we do not exist through masculine perspectives of our own femininity, but I digress…

So I started wearing lipgloss again and it’s all because of Rihanna. Mind you, I’m talking about the businesswoman, not the musician… we don’t know what happened to her.

When Rihanna dropped the first set of Fenty products I kind of had an awakening, like it was time to take this make up thing seriously. And yes, it took me a while before I finally got my hands on the Gloss Bomb but it was a starting point.

R-L: NYX Butter Gloss in Red Velvet, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk. Fenty Glow and Hot Chocolit, Uoma Beauty Boss Gloss in Class

Yes, I am on a mission to collect all Fenty Beauty Gloss Bombs.

Even after I bought the first one I still wouldn’t wear it all that often, that’s why there’s still so much of it left. I have to be very specific with my lip glosses you know? I felt that the Gloss Bomb was gorgeous and it really does stay on all day regardless of how much you talk or eat. But after I started using the Uoma Beauty Boss Gloss in the shade passion I was like yes, this is the one for me.

The Gloss Bombs are very thick so if you’re new to the world of lip gloss you have to be careful, you might slather on way more than you actually need but who cares, we’re wearing unholy amounts of lip gloss all year anyway.

Another big difference between the Fenty gloss and most other lip glosses is the applicator.

Look at how thick that applicator is. You only need one swoop (okay maybe a couple to fix it up) over your lip and that’s it. You don’t really need to dip it in a second time, though I usually do because just like any other person, I want my gloss to fit just right.

But seriously having an applicator that big is nice, you waste less gloss; which is helpful when you had to let go of $19 to get it.

I took my glosses out for a walk today even though it was really cold.

I was very excited when FB dropped more shades especially Hot Chocolit. It’s very similar to UB’s Passion shade in the Boss Gloss series and I was absolutely in love once I saw it, I knew I had to own it one day.

That beautiful glittery brown was made for black people. I mean yeah it looks great on everyone regardless of complexion but when I tried it on at Sephora (not on my lips, ew!) I knew. I just knew.

And speaking of lip glosses that black people should know about: let’s talk about these NYX Butter Glosses.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where my Butter Gloss in the shade Ginger Snap is–

Actually, just as I wrote that sentence I decided to go look under the couch and now I’ve found it.

And I was just about to buy another one too!

Had to take her for a walk too so she wouldn’t feel left out.

I have been yelling at people for months now to get these butter glosses. They are literally like $3 ($3-$5 depending on where you buy them). You can get them at Ulta or Amazon (there’s probably other places but I don’t know because I don’t get them from there). The shade I own is Ginger Snap; which again looks a lot like the Fenty and Uoma Beauty glosses I’ve been raving about but this is a way cheaper option.

And since I’ve just said that they all look alike you’re probably wondering what’s the point of owning them all. The point is: I’m superficial and materialistic and I love staring at my belongings way more than actually using them.

It’s satisfying.

Anyway, I’m about to buy the Butter Gloss in Praline as well; they have loads of great nudes you just need to get the one that looks the best on your complexion. It’s a very light consistency and it doesn’t budge, so you can eat and talk to your heart’s desire; however, don’t not expect some clumping especially if you’ve piled on too much.

I also intend to diversify and try other brands especially now that I’m very into glittery glosses. So, I will let you know once I find some one to scam into buying me the Pat McGrath OpuLUST Lip Gloss. All three of them. $30 each.

The main message I do want to get across though is this: you need lipgloss. You think you don’t but you do. You want your lips to look like they belong in a Victoria Secret ad (I don’t actually rate VS anymore so we’re just using them for reference). And if you intend to protect your lips from the elements then you might as well do it with a gloss rather than a chapstick.

Life is too short for chapstick. Life is also too short to only ever use nude lip gloss shades, put some colour into your life.



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