UOMA (Oh-Ma) Goodness, How Did I Get Here?!

See what I did there?

The world is beautiful because we are all different and colourful in our unique way and this is why UOMA Beauty exists.

Sharon Chuter

Every since July 2019, I’ve been running on a finite amount of luck. It feels like a credit card but I don’t know what my limit is, just that I do have a limit. I don’t get a streak of good luck, I’m never the person with the “I saw Beyoncé in the grocery store” story so when exciting things happen, I tend to ride the wave as long and as well as I can, because it won’t last.

I don’t win raffles, lotteries, giveaways. I never won anything particularly special like that. And because I felt like I’d never win, I didn’t even enter into these contests.

So last summer, I had discovered the brand-new, Nigerian-owned beauty brand, Uoma Beauty through none other than the wonderful Jackie Aina.

I’ve probably mentioned her like three times in this blog, so by now, you should have googled her and subscribed to her YouTube account, in fact, by now you should know her mother’s maiden name.

The post that started it all…

I could write a whole post about how much I respect and admire Jackie Aina; like I kid you not, I want to be like her or be her or something. We’re both Leos and I genuinely believe that we are both cut out for a particular lifestyle; which she is currently living.

It’s my destiny to also live this lifestyle. Some of my friends have said that I look like her; which is either insane or so true, depending on how you look at it. You probably already know what I think… what, don’t believe me? I guess you should go take a look at my instagram then.

So I followed Uoma Beauty on instagram, I was inspired, I loved it. I was also broke (vacationing will dry you out bro…) so there wasn’t much chance of me getting to try these products anytime soon but then, they announced a giveaway.

It was crazy. I decided to stick my foot in and see how it goes. I still remember the moment when I decided to take part in the contest, I said, “well Naomi, you won’t lose anything by trying”. So I did. And I won.

Literally one of the best days of my life so far

I was lounging in bed one morning, I had class that day, language classes in this cute little German school with turrets. I think that’s what they’re called. I sat up so fast when I saw the post. I called one of my besties from Indonesia. I called my sister who was back in Kansas. I absolutely could not stop buzzing that day.

And neither could my phone after I posted this tweet:

This was also the second time I had interacted with Jackie Aina on twitter so you could probably say that we’re besties now.

Like I said, never won a give-away or anything like that before this.

It was huge for me, especially since I was just getting into make up. I’ll save my whole make up journey for another post but for now, you just need to know that I have come a long way

A loooonnggg way.

As part of the giveaway, I won a large selection of products (anything of my choosing basically) and I won the chance to get some stuff for some of my friends too. So Uoma Beauty was not just a turning point for me but an awakening for my sister as well; who only really got into make up after the win; it was a good chance for me to get her some products and introduce her to the glam life.

More importantly, it gave me a chance to learn more myself and really get serious about make up.

I ended up winning A LOT of products; which wasn’t fun dragging back to America (I literally don’t hate anything the way I hate the luggage weight restrictions). And even now, almost year later, there’s still so much of it that I haven’t used, used enough or really got to explore. Nonetheless; here are some of my favourites.

R-L: Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer, Uoma Beauty Badass Icon Matte Lipstick, Uoma Beauty Black Magic Metallic Lipstick, Uoma Beauty Black Magic Colour Palette, Uoma Beauty Double Take Contour Stick

First off, I’m going to support Black-owned businesses that are actually supporting the community, no doubt. Uoma Beauty is one of those businesses. The benefit of having Black-owned beauty brands is that you can tell that they are thinking of some of the things that leave darker-skinned people at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to makeup products; I’m talking about eyeshadow pigmentation, shade range, etc. Uoma beauty delivers on all that and more with 51 shades of foundation and concealer shades that are all grouped in what they call “skin-kins”; of which they have 6. These skin-kins are determined according to skin colour and undertone, so it’s very likely you’re going to find a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Since we’re talking about finding the perfect shade…

I literally only use this concealer. Every time. I’m not a big full-face everyday type of person. If I wear a full-face today; I’m going to need like a week to get over it (which has been complicated ever since I started making dance videos, see: my instagram page). But every time I use this concealer. I use the shade Black Pearl T1; it’s literally my perfect match, every time. It’s so easy to blend in so if you’re new to the make up game and you’re worried about not blending in your products right, you shouldn’t have a problem with this concealer.

It’s also very thick and gorgeousssss and very full-coverage, so it will make your bags disappear and have you shining shining shining shining yeahh…

Or glowing at least.

So before this, the only contour stick I had was the Fenty Match Stix; which at the time the darkest shade there was more like a bronzer shade for me and would not give me that defined look.

I was trying to get the Naomi Campbell look and it really wasn’t happening. I mean, now there is a shade that would definitely contour me, so I would like to thank Ms. Robyn for rectifying that and ask that she also rectify her absence in the music industry.

So, I was trying to be very careful when selecting my contour shade; I was never really a contour person prior to my big haul. I went with Black Pearl, the darkest shade to be on the safe side; which definitely shows up on my skin and gives me just as much definition as I want. As with anything, it’s best to start with a little and build up because you can start to look crazy, these contour sticks pack a punch.

The highlight on the other end is gorgeous as well, it’s the perfect shade for a regular “natural glow” that any dark-skinned person would want, especially when the sun starts to dip in the sky. These days I really don’t remember to pick it up as much as I should but it’s the perfect product for a no-makeup makeup look or if you really aren’t wearing any makeup but want to sparkle a little.

Uoma Beauty is shaking the girls up with their lip products.

I am the proudest owner of most of their matte lipsticks so I can speak extensively on them, but I do plan on getting into that in a future post. I will say though, that Uoma beauty has a shade for everyone; they have shades for the little darlings testing the waters and they have shades for the baddies doing editorial looks. My mum was always a dark purple kind of person and I leaned into those because they felt very comfortable, so here are two of my favourite dark purples; on the left we have Ms. Funmilayo (all the Matte lipsticks are named after influential badass black women– as if Uoma Beauty could not get any better!) and on the left we have Ms. Allure. Both beautiful shades, for different occasions as you could probably guess.

So we talked about pigments, right?

Who doesn’t love a good colour payoff, I mean… no-one loses when the colours come through. I’m a black girl (I know you know that already), I have dark eyelids, I will always look like I don’t even know what sleep is. Also, I’m kind of lazy so I don’t own an eye primer (don’t come for me) and sometimes I don’t want to put concelear on my eyelids before I put on eyeshadow. And there’s only a few palettes where I can do that without wasting my time.

Jackie Aina’s palette (a collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of those palettes; which is why I’m basically addicted to it right now).

But Uoma Beuaty’s Black Magic palette has a special place in my heart. That shade, Osun, do you see that shade? Do you know what it takes for a shade like that to show up on me?

This palette comes through with the colours, but not only that, it also has an interesting colour scheme; one that leaves room for loads of creativity. I also feel like it opens up channels for combining palettes on one look. It also has something for everyone; there’s some subtle matte shades that could be used in a nude look, there’s some powerful bold shades for statement crease cuts and there’s elegant shimmery shades that would take your breath away.

But no product in the world will take my breath away like the Uoma Beauty Boss Gloss in the shade Passion.

Uoma Beauty Boss Gloss Liquid Marble in the shade Passion
Image from: Uomabeauty.com
Image from: Uomabeauty.com

Okay, so I’m out of passion right now and the only reason I haven’t repurchased it yet is because Fenty just came out with a brown gloss shade. I’ve tested it (not on my lips though) and it’s literally made for Black people!

Anyway, back to Ms. Passion.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? I was such a gloss whore last semester, I was slathering layers of this baby on my lips maybe like four times a day and this is coming from someone who enthusiastically detested lip glosses because of her fear of the dreaded white line.

But more on my transition later.

One time, I was on my to school; I was riding the shuttle my apartment complex provides– or was it the bus?


Anyway, when I got off the vehicle, I realised my lip gloss was gone. I was horrified, to say the least. Despite the situation at hand (I can’t really remember what it was, but I’m sure it was difficult because I’m a college student and when is life ever easy?) I decided I had to take action and rectify my loss.

Did you really think I could live with myself? Can you imagine what my life would be like sans Passion? Right, me neither.

This was just one of the few times I would interact with Uoma Beauty’s instagram account and they would more or less interact back. I was feeling all kinds of special.

If you asked me, I would say it’s the start of what could potentially be my influencer career; otherwise known as my contingency plan because this college thing is really not it.

Uoma Beauty also recently liked my International Women’s Day Instagram post; now they probably liked a million other posts on that same day (not likely but whatever), however, here I am at 2 a.m. writing a blog post about it because that’s how much it means to me.

I also need content so this blog stays relevant and I need it by 9 a.m.

And that’s the story of how I came to fall in love with a beauty brand that teaches us that beauty extends far beyond the creams, liquids and powders.



P.S: I’m also hoping that maybe someone from Uoma Beauty will see this post and send me that new Carnival Palette because if it sells out before I’m ready to buy it, I might just have to surrender myself to The Rona.

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