La Mode est Dans La Rue

I can do a French “R”, a German “R” and a Spanish “R”. So tell me why I just spent like 10 minutes going back and forth with my sister over how to pronounce “Rue”?

Whenever I’m doing a collection, I’m inspired by the world around us.

Virgil Abloh

Street fashion is fashion that did not come directly from the studios. According to wikipedia. But this post isn’t about fashion as it relates to youth culture, this is about fashion existing on the streets.

As in, here’s some of my favourite pictures taken on the street and a little backstory on how they came to be.

Naomi in Hamburg, St. Peter’s Church, 11.08.19

I know, I have some posts about my trip to Germany on the way; they’ll be coming in segments mind you.

This post was taken the afternoon of my birthday lunch. It was a couple days after my actual birthday, a couple of days after my actual birthday dinner. We had lunch at Vapiano; which I had lost interest in after one of my German teachers pointed out that it didn’t have the appeal it worked for/should have because it’s a chain.

I mean, I like the food. I think their Penne Arrabiata is delicious and relatively spicy; which is rare for any kind of eating-out experience in Germany (listen, I’m Nigerian. Like many others before me, I was swimming in pepper in my mother’s womb).

Anyway, we had grabbed some vegan ice-cream. I was wearing this cute little dress (it looks like a t-shirt dress but it isn’t) from H&M but I had to put on my sister’s windbreaker on because it was a little chilly. The yellow purse is from Steve Madden (but I got it from Ross, so yay me) and the silver strappy sandals are from… the Galleria? The big department store in Germany. I don’t remember what brand though.

I’m doing very badly at this fashion blogger thing.

So, the madre, padre y mi hermana went walking around enjoying the crisp breeze, the ambiance that empty stores on the high street brought and the pigeons. Because, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Naomi in Chicago, Hyde Park. 29.02.19

Thanksgiving break last year was pretty memorable. Chicago was terribly cold, all outdoor pictures involved a great sacrifice and severe numbing of my fingers afterwards. But you know I’ll do anything for a good picture.

I’ve had this coat for so long, ever since a 2012 trip to San Francisco. I still remember the day I walked out of the Macy’s with a brand new Anne Klein coat; I was so elated. The sweater and jeans are from H&M (I have been waiting for a long time for H&M to reward my dedication to their company). And yeah… I was blonde for a while!

I do like to switch things up with my hair, anyone who knows me knows. And I haven’t donned a natural hair colour since like, 2 years ago? Except when my natural hair is out of course.

Naomi in Hyde Park. Again.

I don’t see what kind of pride there is in having so many American towns and cities named after British ones. Like Hyde Park in the UK is a pretty nice area, Hyde park in Chicago is okay, I think.

This was also after I had been very generously gifted the Jackie Aina x ABH Palette so I was (and still find myself) constantly picking it up and tapping a little bit on for no reason. It’s such a good palette! It’s so pigmented (dark-skinned humans this is it!), the colour combinations are everything, and you can do any kind of look with this palette honestly.

I’m a big eyeshadow person, so you better be picking up what I’m putting down. Everyone knows my eyeshadow looks are popping! And that’s on period.

I was also wearing Uoma beauty on my lips. Love them! I will be doing a detailed review another time because the way we got together, Uoma and I, is one for the books. I’m pretty sure it was in the shade Funmilayo.

That day in Chicago, we (mi hermana y yo) had breakfast at a cute little cafe (it wasn’t that cute) and I remember I had ordered a vegan pesto sandwich that came with cheese? Yeah, I don’t know how that happened. Their coffee machine was also not working that day, so I couldn’t get a soy latte. Anyway… we walked around for a bit, got ourselves all the way to University of Chicago, contemplated transferring because their campus is gorgeous, it’s Chicago; which means that there’s so much culture and activity I won’t even be able to make it to class and it’s Chicago.

But then again we remembered that it’s Chicago and it’s cold as hell and we have way too much stuff to move.

Naomi in Lawrence, Mass. St. 22.02.2020

I did a bit of a photoshoot over the weekend.

So there’s nothing particularly special about this outfit. I just needed to look good for this dance video I was filming which is up on my instagram by the way. But the eyes?!

I used the Colourpop She’s a Rainbow palette; which unfortunately for you, is sold out. I also used the Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes palette. And I’m wearing some basic lashes, I got from this set of 50 pairs of lashes on Amazon. Depending on how bougie you are, you might really like this. It was really affordable for a pack of 50 pairs of lashes you know? And it’s 5 different styles, 10 pairs each. They range from natural to more flamboyant but even the most flamboyant of them aren’t that extra. I like lashes that aren’t tooooooo much you know?

At the end of the day, what I wanted to share with you through this post is this: sometimes, people will try to hit you with their cars (especially in Munich, Washington DC and Chicago!!), sometimes, you may be about to lose your fingers to frostbite, your phone may be about to die in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, you may be desperate to pee but all in in all, any sacrifices made to take a good picture on the street, is worth it.

I’ve done it many times.



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