You Should Have More Jeans In Your Closet

I was texting Naomi Campbell over the weekend, and she said I should tell y’all to take notes!

You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes

Diana Vreeland

I really was texting Naomi over the weekend lol, did you think I made up that part?

But seriously, jeans. How many pairs do you own? Well, you should get more. And more and more. And then get some more.

I don’t know a single girl who has always loved jeans or has been such a passionate advocate for the wearing of these denim cages. I HATED jeans. Literally, up until this summer. I don’t know why but for a long time, every time I wore jeans they would make the skin on my legs hurt, or give me sharp pains in my shins. Or my legs would itch outrageously and when I’d get home, I’d pull them off so violently. I was kind of frustrated with how that could be and the fact that I couldn’t pin-point a single reason that my jeans were just so uncomfortable.

Way before then, when I was a blooming flower (some would call it pre-adolescence), I just never had any jeans that fit right. Except, I didn’t even think about that then, or maybe I didn’t even know what it meant for jeans to fit right, I just got used to the waistband sticking out awkwardly even though the length and hem were just right.

And it’s funny because for a long time jeans were all I ever wore. I was completely swept up in the high-waisted phase and itched with discomfort when I couldn’t participate in the ripped jeans phase (Nigerian parents + no H&M in Nigeria). I liked jeans, my sister hated them and I never understood why. But when I was starting to resent the way my waistband would expose how skinny I was, I kind of lost interest them.

So how did I suddenly get back into them?

It really wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t studied abroad in Germany last summer (more on this later). Before that summer, I was absolutely done with winter and very aggressively too. I swore that I would spend all my summer days in shorts and tank tops and all the flimsy articles of clothing I could shove into my suitcase.

I would say I stuck to it pretty well as my summer pictures will boast, but in time I realized that there was something missing. An elite fashion expert like myself (ask Naomi!) is always analysing style and learning what exists in different parts of the world, what trends people are following and what unwritten codes are directing their fashion choices. A fashion expert is also constantly re-organizing and re-directing their own fashion choices, borrowing elements from other people’s style or whatever trends are taking over the world and adapting it to fit theirs.

It’s just what we do.

So when I got to Germany, I started to learn that German women dress nice. Like niiiccee. But I couldn’t pin point a reason why; which bothered me because I also wanted to look niiiccee. In time I realized. Aside from the reason that the residents of cities like Cologne and Munich obviously dress nice because… um… money, I learned that what they were doing in Germany was actually very simple but elegant enough. It took me three months to figure this out.

The book pictured above is Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi; which is absolutely riveting and yes, you can expect a review soon! (well maybe not soon, but let’s just pretend like I don’t have a million other things to attend to)

The answer was jeans. German women wear jeans like every day. Jeans are so accessible, there’s nothing particularly special about jeans, but then I realized after spending a year on an American university campus that my amazement was due to the fact that American college kids absolutely do not wear jeans; unless it’s a special occasion. I mean, sometimes you will spot a pair or two of jeans but they’re usually paired in the most thoughtless manner and don’t really do anything for the outfit as a whole–sad!

(No offence American college students and yes, I am just generalising)

Anyway, what I saw on the streets of Hamburg and Munich told me enough and every time I rushed into an H&M store, I gave the jeans rack all my love and attention. I’ve been buying jeans somewhat periodically ever since. I went from owning like one pair of jeans to, I don’t know, maybe 10 in the span of a couple of months. I mean I really should have more but, I’m broke.

After speaking to a bunch of my friends who do wear jeans, I’ve come up with a short list of reasons why you should too:

  1. Jeans make any shirt look good.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a blouse or a Kanye-esque t-shirt, ridden with bullet holes; if you’re wearing them with jeans, they’ll look good. It also helps that there’s some many ways to style shirts with jeans that you can express yourself through and keep things interesting. Also, blazers! Blazers look good on jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts (if you’re feeling lazy), sweater vests, v-neck sweaters (divine)… there’s just so many outerwear options that look good on jeans.

2. There are so many ways to wear jeans.

You can roll up the hems of baggy jeans, you can pair them with cute belts (chunky or small), if you’re creative like that you can even draw on them and give them this vintage look. You can sew cute patches on them, you can turn a regular pair of jeans into distressed jeans, you can pair low-rise jeans with waist jewellery, or *ahem* go for a 90s kind of look (yes I am talking about a thong, this is for the bold and the fearless so exercise caution).

3. There are so many types of jeans for all personality types.

I never ever ever ever ever… ever in my life thought I would let a pair of mom jeans touch my skin, but of course when you open your mind to all fashion trends (that’s what elite fashion experts do, ask Naomi, I don’t make the rules) you discover many things such as wearing leggings underneath baggy/mom jeans in the winter will save your skinny little life. That was something I got from a friend who always doubled up on bottoms and I thought that was crazy and uncomfortable but hey, I’m making it through February in the midwest despite Global Warming and me having an 11 year hiatus since I saw snow.

Back to the jeans.

There’s mom jeans. ripped jeans, flared jeans, whitewashed jeans, high-waisted jeans, jeans in colours other than black and blue (if you own a pair of white jeans, I salute you), leather jeans, those weird Fashion Nova jeans with”laces” up the side and your actual flesh bulging through the gaps, there’s skinny jeans, there’s jeggings (I don’t know if this is a British word, but google it if you don’t know what these are). My point is, there’s so many kinds of jeans and you’re bound to fall in love with one.

4. They add some kind of unique value to your outfit.

Compared to sweatpants and shorts (not skirts, skirts are in a whole other category), jeans add an extra oomf to your outfit. They can make you look classy, expensive and professional all at the same time (not the Fashion Nova ones, please don’t misquote me). They also just enhance your outfit naturally, it’s like they add a certain (yes I’m going to say it..) je ne sais quoi to your outfit.

“Yeah, I said it”

-Rihanna, ex-musician.

5. It’s good to switch it up.

Regardless of what kind of style you have, it’s good to try new things and mould them to fit your pre-established rules of fashion you set for yourself. While you can wear the same colours, the same things every day… well, where’s the fun in that?

The jeans pictured above: The blue jeans are from Nasty Gal, you can find them here; keep in mind they run big (I stupidly bought a bigger size) so if you do end up with a bigger size there’s a little shoelace trick you can use.

And another button trick.

And both of these work trust me, I’m president of the skinny girls club (I’m currently training to be dismissed from this organisation) so I know. Also, Nasty Gal is having like a 90% off sale which is crazy and I honestly would have taken a break from writing this to shop but, payday is Friday and I cant face my bank account right now.

The black pair of jeans are from Ross; if you don’t go to Ross, don’t even bother seeking fashion advice. Literally one of the most stylish people I know (and I only really know stylish people, huh, I guess you are what you attract) shops at Ross, so I have tasted of this fruit and I am testifying before you and asking that you spend more time going through the racks, you really don’t know what they are hiding in there! Also, I would provide links or whatever to the rest of my outfits, but they come mostly from Target and Ross so…

If you made it to the end of this article, wow! Good for you, I don’t know how you did it because this is long as heck, also if you noticed that I was wearing a grey sock and a white sock then you are eligible for a prize! DM me and we can discuss the probability of that ever getting to you.



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