Oh… Me?

You mean… *hair flip* me?

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello and welcome to the beginning. The quote above has nothing to do with the point of this post which is to introduce myself and this blog but it is tied into what I have to say because it’s one of the pretty big things about myself.

But from the beginning…

I’m Naomi and I have too many things to write about in one blog and that is why I’ve decided to call it OH ME?! When I think of the title, I think of myself standing in an office, chatting away to someone who’s too amused at what I’m saying to actually listen and then someone else chimes in (which, btw I love it when other people chime in, I love making friends) and then I swirl my head around, my dreads swish flamboyantly and land on my shoulder, my coffee nearly spills on the ground but I don’t even notice because I’m too busy fixing a big smile on my face and using enticing words to pull someone new into the conversation.

I am going to tell you 5 things about me to start this off. I’ve already said one: I love making friends.

I realised today that I talk very fast and loud when talking to someone new because I so badly want them to like me and I want us to get closer and get to the inside-jokes-phase as quick as possible. I can’t do long silences with new people, I don’t ever want people to feel like I’m not interested in talking to them. Talking , in fact, is the only thing I can do without any effort and regardless of any mood I’m in. I’ll talk my spirit out of the lowest of lows, I’ve done it many times.

2. I rely on positive energy the way someone relies on oxygen.

Sometimes I think I need anti-depressants (I have not been clinically diagnosed as struggling from any kind of mental health issues) because I’ll be stuck in one of my lows but so desperately want to be happy. I know that seems basic, but I can’t describe it any stronger than that. It’s like waiting for a wound to heal so you can get back to playing your favourite sport. I’ll do anything for happiness and I only really ever want to inject positive energy into the world. It’s why I have such a big heart; hence the quote above.

3. I’m a very active person. I could not pin-point one thing I would write about in a blog but I knew I desperately need an outlet like this. I’ve had many blogs before, but I’ve always suffered from the inability to finish anything. I loveeeeee fashion, I loveeee art, film, music, make-up, travelling, looking gorgeous and aesthetic in pictures, taking gorgeous and aesthetic pictures. I like ranting, I like writing academic essays on things I’m passionate about, writing short stories (because God knows I do not have the attention span to write a full-length one… anymore at least…). But here’s the thing: do I have to choose one of these to have a blog? How would I even choose? Why should I?

I’m passionate about passion. That sounds like something an “eccentric” drama teacher in a Disney movie about musicals and basketball would say. My point is, I couldn’t wait to make up my mind about what I cared about the most, so I’m going to do my best to give each of these equal attention in this blog.

4. I don’t eat dairy.

I’m probably going to be bringing this up in every post but hear me out. I feel like the statement “I don’t eat dairy” is an essential part of living a glamorous life. And yes, I am 100% talking about the Channel #1 types (Scream Queens? Anyone?) who brag about having the skinniest ankles and eating cotton balls to suppress hunger… or something.

It’s just my aesthetic.

But I will talk about going dairy-free a little bit more in the future, especially what that is like as a Nigerian (as in, born in Nigeria, grew up in Nigeria, will 100% faint with happiness at the sight of authentic Nigerian food).

5. I’m Nigerian.

Did I already mention that?

I’m not like the most nigerian Nigerian, except I can’t really call myself a fake Nigerian because… I grew up there? I still live there? All my family ties are… there?

But also, these days I have to force myself to re-evaluate what a Nigerian is; which I will talk about later as well. For now, just know that I am the kind of Nigerian that doesn’t eat dairy or red meat (which if you were Nigerian, you would know how low on the scale of Nigerian that already puts me).

I must have said Nigerian about 50 times… (drinking game!)

Anyway, if you made it to the end of this post, first of all, go back and take a shot every time I say the word Nigeria(n). Second of all, I am humbled and grateful and I’m having so much fun already, aren’t you?



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