Flanders Field Of Frail Feelings

A/N: This is the end of the Seedless Trilogy. After a while the smell of nectar gets a little nauseating. Maybe it's just me though. People say I should relax, I can't get over it. That sweet, sticky smell. Not only does it fill up my nose and lungs, it runs down my neck sometimes.… Continue reading Flanders Field Of Frail Feelings

Why I’m Not Doing Social Media Activism Anymore…

...and other things I do since I can't afford therapy. Capitalist realism... is more like a pervasive atmosphere conditioning not only the production of culture but also the regulation of work and education, and acting as a kind of invisible barrier constraining thought and actionMark Fisher, Capitalist Realism #EndSARS Protest Lawrence, KS Do you remember… Continue reading Why I’m Not Doing Social Media Activism Anymore…

This One Is For All The Little Girls Who Aren’t So Little

I really wanted to know what it was like to be dead but nobody would tell me.Ingrid Rojas Contreras, Fruit of The Drunken Tree Fruit of The Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras Fruit of the Drunken Tree does not end well. It's a really bad ending but the kind of bad ending that sits… Continue reading This One Is For All The Little Girls Who Aren’t So Little

I Was 2 Feet Tall And Then I Wasn’t Anything

A brief guide on how not to talk to people from a different country My Aloe Vera plant doesn't have a name and it doesn't matter because she is dying I had three unsolicited interactions last Friday. I like to sit away from people on the bus. I like to either listen to music and… Continue reading I Was 2 Feet Tall And Then I Wasn’t Anything

How To Be Good At Something

Because I never finish anything... literally. There's a small number of you that make your way to this corner of the internet every time I post (which I'm very grateful for) and some of you who step into this crevice will occasionally share something with me about my post; how it made you feel for… Continue reading How To Be Good At Something

In Between The Pages

Open a book... seriously. Fruit of The Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras It's Latin American Heritage Month and I decided to do something about how little I know about Latin American culture. In fact, I'm more disappointed that I didn't think of this sooner. My three favourite ways of interacting with a new culture… Continue reading In Between The Pages

Where Were We?

Ha alliteration! I really need to do this. More. I'm back in school (precariously though, because... any moment now, we really should be shutting down but somehow we've made it week 6) and I can't breathe. I am suffocated by the incessant assignment and projects, the egregious stares I keep getting from white people in… Continue reading Where Were We?

Me, Pamela & Body Dysphoria

It's getting very unhealthy in here. “blessed beshewho isbothfuriousand magnificent” Taylor Rhodes, calloused: a field journal So I've been working out a lot, a lot more than earlier in the quarantine because now I've done a whole Chloe Ting program and I've designed my own schedule. I work out 5 times a week and I'm incorporating more… Continue reading Me, Pamela & Body Dysphoria